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Quaker Tapestry Exhibition
The Friend’s Meeting House
Cumbria LA9 4BH
Kendal is very lucky to be the permanent home of the world-famous Quaker Tapestry.  Seventy-seven exquisitely crafted panels of embroidery tell the 350 year history and ideals of the Society of Friends.
You cannot imagine what a rewarding experience it is to learn about Quaker ideals through such a rich and vibrant craftwork.  Each panel is a masterpiece created with needle and thread.
This remarkable tapestry is the work of more than 4,000 men, women and children in 15 countries.  The project started in 1981 and was finally finished in 1996.
The person responsible for the Quaker Tapestry was Anne Wynn-Wilson, a teacher and an accomplished embroiderer.  One day while teaching her small class of children in a South West England Meeting House, an eleven-year old boy made a chance remark which set her thinking.  She had the vision of a number of large tapestry panels telling something of the Quaker story and beliefs.
She started to work on the panels herself and showed them to the Yearly Meeting of her local Friends.  There was such support for her idea that designers came forward, embroidery groups were formed and training workshops were arranged.
The Quaker Tapestry has often been compared to The Bayeaux Tapestry although it is a series of separate embroidered panels each illustrating an event in Quaker history, or a category of famous Friends such as Scientists, Bankers or Railways for example.
A preview of the panels on display can be found on the Exhibition’s website at  Web:  Quaker Tapestry Kendal/ Photo Gallery
Each panel measures 25 inches wide by 21 inches tall.  The tapestry is worked in crewel embroidery.  In addition to using four historic and well-known stitches (Split Stitch, Stem Stitch, Chain Stitch, and Peking Knot), Anne Wynn-Wilson invented a new corded stitch, known as Quaker Stitch, to allow for tight curves on the lettering.
The Quaker Tapestry Collection also includes the magnificent 19th century Barrett Friendship Quilt.  This major work of art has connections to the Victorian art world, William Morris and Queen Victoria herself.
Plan Your Visit
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Full details are available at  Web:  Quaker Tapestry Kendal/ Admission Information
Disabled Access
Completely accessible for wheelchair users.
The panels are well lit and audio guides are available.
Up to date information is available at Web:  Quaker Tapestry Kendal/ Disabled Access
The award-winning Café serving meals and snacks (takeaway available) is open all year.  Serves a wide range of vegetarian meals.
Shop selling gifts, mementoes, books, tapestry kits and wool
Adults and children love visiting this Exhibition and come away inspired to get stitching themselves!

Contact & Further Information
Telephone   +44 (0)1539 722 975
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Getting There
The Friends Meeting House is located in the centre of Kendal in the heart of the one-way system.  For directions, go to Web:  Quaker Tapestry Kendal/ Directions
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