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Ring  o’ Bells Inn Kendal
39 Kirkland
Kendal Town
Cumbria LA9 5AF
Locally known as ‘The Bells’, the Ring 0’ Bells is a typical Lakeland pub, casual in atmosphere, and a good place to sample a local beer. Beers on tap include Thwaites Smooth, Thwaites Nutty Black and Hawkshead Bitter.  Draught ciders are also available.
The pub is conveniently placed near to entrance to the Holy Trinity Church, Kendal.  It actually stands on consecrated ground and was built in 1741 or 1746 on the instructions of either the church sexton or the vicar, depending on which authority you believe.
Secret Passageway to the Church
The proximity of the pub to the church meant that it was widely used by people employed by the parish such as the church wardens, the sexton (to accommodate bodies prior to burial) and the bell ringers.  It was a church sexton who named the pub ‘Ring O’ Bells’ in 1789.  There is also said to be a secret passageway from the pub’s cellar to the church.
In 1816 the owner had an inn sign painted depicting the church tower with ten ringers in the belfry ringing a peal, a jug of brewed ale at their feet.  This wonderful sign now hangs in the north aisle of Holy Trinity – yet another link between the church and the pub.  A copy is mounted on the gable end of the inn.
In the 19th century the pub was a busy coaching inn with stables. 
Now cosy pub with two small bars
Now it is a much cosier affair with two small bars.  Each bar seats around 15 to 20 people. There is fixed seating around most walls with various tables, chairs and stools. 

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Snug holds 12 persons & is haunted!
There is a curious and historic ‘Snug’ which can seat six with another six standing, on a busy night!

The ‘Snug’ is where deceased persons were laid out prior to burial.  Some people swear that the ‘Snug’ is haunted as well as other parts of the pub.  Certainly, dogs will not venture into the ‘Snug’ and the top bedroom door hinges can squeak when the door is shut!

The new owners are only too happy to tell you about the famous people who have visited the inn and its lurid history, sometimes with their tongues firmly in their cheeks!

Opening Hours
To quote the pub website: "Generally, if the front curtains are open, we are still serving.”
Opening hours are on the 'Home' page of the pub's website.
Contact Details
Telephone   +44 (0) 1539 720326
Mail   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Getting There
The Ring o' Bells is a small pub on the right hand side as you travel through Kirkland - the A6 route in Kendal.
Kirkland, is the start of the one way system when coming into Kendal from the south. The Pub is situated on the edge of Kendal Parish Church Car Park.
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