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Kendal Mint CakeKendal
Despite its name, Kendal Mint Cake is a confection not a cake.  It is a hard, peppermint flavoured, opaque fondant type of sweet and very more-ish.  It is only made in Kendal Town in the Lake District to a secret recipe.
Very popular with walkers and climbers because it fits easily into a pocket or rucksack, Kendal mint cake is a delicious source of instant energy. In fact it was eaten on the top of Mt Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay after their first ascent in 1953.
The original confection was developed in 1869 by Joseph Wiper who began producing it in his small Kendal factory.  Some say the new sweet was discovered by accident nevertheless it was a great success.
Three companies make the sweet – Romney’s, Wilson’s and Quiggin’s, all situated in Kendal
- Wilson's Mint Cake
Mint cake is a small part of Wilson’s production which primarily makes chocolates.
- Romney's Mint Cake
Romney’s was founded in 1918 using an old recipe to create the mint cake.  In 1987 Wiper’s sold their family company to Romney's.  For more information on stockists of Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake click on  Web:  Romney's Kendal Mint Cake
- Quiggin's Mint Cake
Quiggin's factory on Low Fellside in Kendal is now the oldest surviving mint cake company.  The Quiggin family had been manufacturing confectionary since 1840 in the Isle of Man.  They established their mint cake production at Kendal in 1880. Web:  Quiggins Kendal Mint Cask
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Secret Recipe
Although the actual recipe is still a secret, the mint cake is made from sugar, glucose, water and peppermint oil boiled up in a copper pan.  This mixture is continuously stirred then poured into moulds to set.
White sugar makes the opaque white sweet, while brown sugar is used for the brown version.  Some mint cake is covered in chocolate but personally I think this is ‘gilding the lily’ a bit, and unnecessary!  However, it is very popular with visitors.
This local confectionary is mainly sold in the north of England and makes an easy souvenir for taking back to the folks at home.


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