Apartments in the main do not have a ‘Star’ rating. However most booking sites do have their own ratings for their advertised accommodation.
Ratings relate to location, comfort, facilities, staff/ 24 hour Reception, cleanliness, value for money as well as well equipped kitchens and extras such as free WiFi.
How to find your Apartment:
- Select one of the accommodation Search Engine Accommodation Consolidators below
- Type in the town/ city you wish to stay in or nearby
- Select the dates and number of people who wish to stay.
The Search Engine will firstly show Hotels which match the dates selected. In the Left Hand vertical menu check boxes will list Hotels, Apartments, Guest Houses, Hostels B & B etc.
Check the appropriate box together with those boxes such as Parking, Pets etc and selection of Apartments will be shown.
Decide which fits your requirements and budget then compare offers. Choose your room if that facility is available. You may even be offered a Free Full English breakfast in the deal!
Book your Apartment here:
Accommodation - Search & Book through here:    External Link


Accommodation - Search & Book through here:    External Link 
Accommodation - Search & Book through here:      External Link 

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