Ye Olde Coffin HouseBrixham
King Street
Devon TQ5 9TF

No, Ye Olde Coffin House is not an Undertakers, nor has it ever been.  This old house at the foot of King Street steps has been an inn, a workhouse, a barber’s shop, a sheep-skin shop, a café and then a clock makers.
A Fairy Tale?
Brixham legend has it that a young man asked the father of his sweetheart for her hand in marriage.  So appalled was the father that he replied “I would rather see my daughter in a coffin than wed to you.”  The suitor took this to heart and went off and bought the coffin-shaped house.
The future son-in-law said to the father “Your wish is granted, your daughter shall live in a coffin, the Coffin House.”  The father was so impressed that he relented and allowed his daughter to marry the man. They lived happily ever after, or so the story goes!
In actual fact the strange building was built in 1640 as a fortification.  Truth is never as good as fiction.
The Coffin House became an antique clock and barometer shop.
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