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51 Fore Street,
Devon TQ9
The South Devon town of Totnes thrives on the legend of being the place where the mythical Brutus of Troy first stepped ashore and founded Britain.
Set into the pavement in front of 51 Fore Street, near the East Gate Arch is a small granite boulder, surrounded by cobbles and marked with a white stone bearing the inscription ‘Brutus Stone’. Tradition says that if you stand upon this little boulder and wish, your wish will come true.  Needless to say, everyone tries this out.
The Trojan Prince stepped ashore here!
The legend says that this is the boulder that Brutus stepped on to from his ship.  The Trojan Prince was apparently searching for an island promised to him by the Goddess Diane.
In 1170 BC, following the Trojan War, Brutus and a band of followers set out to find the Promised Land. They sailed along the coast until they found the sheltered estuary of the River Dart.
Brutus sailed up the river until he could go no further.  He stepped ashore on to the granite boulder and as he did so declared “Here I stand and here I rest.  The town shall be called Totnes”.
There are a few reasons why the story is more legend than fact but who cares!  Make your wish anyway!
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