Brixham Smuggling
There are many funny stories told about the smugglers of Brixham in Devon.  Smuggling certainly was more profitable than fishing and a number of local men got involved.
Escaping the clutches of the hated Excise Men was a major problem.  Locals were sympathetic and would turn a blind eye to strange goings on in the town.  One local known as ‘Resurrection Bob’ (Bob Elliott) had gout and couldn’t run away so he hid in a coffin. Coffins were popular places to hide.
'The Devil'
Another smuggler evaded capture by waiting until the early morning when the mist lingered over the graves.  When he climbed out his pursuers thought he was the Devil rising from the grave and ran away.
Another tale is told of a hearse being used during a cholera epidemic. The smugglers hid their cargo in the coffin and drove it through the town. It was a solemn procession – horses with muffled hooves pulling the hearse followed by a crowd of supposed mourners. A sad sight indeed!
The Smugglers Coast
Devon and Cornwall have particularly good coastlines for smuggling.  Visitors interested in walking in the smugglers’ footsteps should go to  Web: Devon Coast/ Brixham   External Link
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