The Agatha Christie Mile
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This walk takes the visitor past many of the places well known to the young Agatha Christie and in which she later set many of her crime mysteries.  Each location is marked with a unique plaque.
"The walk starts at the Torquay Museum in the Agatha Christie Gallery on the second floor.  The vast collection includes photographs of the young Agatha, her family, friends and the Torquay she knew. There are images of concerts at the Pavilion Theatre, afternoon tea at the Marine Spa and roller skating on Princess Pier.
Then it is on to the Grand Hotel where Agatha and her first husband Archie spent their honeymoon following their marriage on Christmas Eve 1914.  Two days later they travelled up to London by train where Archie left for the War in France.
In 1990 the Orient Express arrived in Torquay Railway Station bearing Joan Hickson as Miss Marple and David Suchet as Hercule Poirot as part of the town’s Agatha Christie Centenary Celebrations.
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Torre Abbey
The next stop is Torre Abbey Historic House & Gallery, a place often visited by Agatha.  It is Torquay’s oldest building and has an Agatha Christie Memorial Room. This room features her favourite armchair, her 1937 Remington Portable Typewriter and her plotting notebook containing the handwritten manuscript of the best seller ‘A Caribbean Mystery’.  
Princess Pier
As mentioned above, Princess Pier is where, for tuppence, youngsters could roller skate.  In the museum there is a photograph of a young Agatha dressed in a long skirt and feathered hat, enjoying this activity.
Princess Gardens
Princess Gardens is a classic Victorian Park, no doubt enjoyed by Agatha and her family.  This is a most attractive spot with ornamental fountains, beautiful floral gardens, the famous ‘Torbay Palms’ and ornamental shelters.  The park featured in The ABC Murders mystery.
The Torquay Pavilion was a grand concert hall before being re-invented as the current shopping centre.  Agatha loved music and attended many concerts here including one with Archie before they were married.  Outside the Pavilion is a massive bronze bust of Dame Agatha.
The Strand
Now we move on to the busy Strand.  In Agatha’s youth the stage coaches stopped here and it was the home of many exclusive shops such as William & Cox (now Hoopers). Agatha and her mother met friends here and shopped.
Royal Torbay Yacht Club
Another plaque will be found on the Royal Torbay Yacht Club.  Agatha’s father, Frederick Miller was a prominent member, visiting the club daily to play cards, chat with friends and read the newspapers.  His routine only varied during the cricket season where, as President of Torquay Cricket Club, he would devote his time.
The Yacht Club overlooks Beacon Cove.  At the beginning of the 20th century mixed bathing was not allowed.  The cove was the Ladies’ Bathing Cove and a teenage Agatha nearly drowned here.  Fortunately, a boatman noticed her in difficulties and hauled her out.
Elegant Imperial Hotel
Agatha knew the elegant Imperial Hotel very well.  She attended many social events there and used it several times as a plot location in her books.  In Peril at End House it is called ‘The Majestic’, and the terrace is where Miss Marple unravels the mystery in the final chapter of Sleeping Murder."
Many thanks to the Torbay Hospitality Association website for the information contained in this article.
Cholsey Parish Church, Oxfordshire
Agatha Christie is buried in the St Mary's Parish Church at Cholsey. She lived in Cholsey Parish for the last thirty-five years of her life. The Church website has interesting information on the Church itself and of course on its famous parishioner. There is also an Agatha Christie 'Walk' on the Church website.
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