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The Moreton-in-Marsh Wellington Aviation Museum is truly a hidden gem.
Few people know of the existence of this north Cotswolds museum and it deserves greater recognition.  It is the work of one man devoted to keeping alive the memories of RAF Moreton-in-Marsh Bomber Command Training Station.
The inspiration behind it is local octogenarian Gerry Tynak who spent five years on the Base.  His museum is crammed with artefacts and information concerning the nearby wartime Station, its aircraft, personnel and past history.  The more you look, the more you find.
The Museum is a small one-storey building identified by RAF roundels painted on the walls and a Vickers Armstrong Wellington aircraft propeller and wheels displayed outside.  Two casings of the 4,000 lb bombs carried by the Wellingtons flank the door.
Most exhibits sourced from local area
Inside, exhibits range from a sectioned Hercules engine to a ‘movement order’ for an expedition to the local pub by "instructors at 21 OTU"  In the garden at the back of the building can be found and a Wellington tail section showing the Barnes Wallis designed geodetic structure which made the aircraft so strong and easy to repair.
Archival photographs are supplemented with superb paintings and drawings by aviation artist Ken Aitken (prints may be purchased from the museum).  There are displays of rare emblems with text of the four exclusive clubs formed for aircrew members during WWII:The Guinea Pig Club, The Goldfish Club, The Late Arrivals Club and The Caterpillar Club.
Moreton-in-Marsh RAF Station was a Bomber Command training base for local and overseas pilots.  A number of young aircrew died during the training.  Their ultimate sacrifice is not forgotten by the museum which displays their records.
Other items which still continue to surface locally include two Wellington main wheels complete with tyres. One was found bricked-up under the stairway of a local barn, and had not seen the light of day for 53 years.
Museum instrumental in reunions
The Museum is an extraordinary source of information particularly for ex-personnel of the Station and their relatives.  It has been the instrument of some extraordinary reunions and we heartily recommend visiting their excellent website or the museum in person.
Plan Your Visit
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Every Sunday until November.
10:00 to 16:00 hours.  
Admission Cost
Around £2.50
Contact Details
Telephone   +44 (0)1608 812 387
Getting There
The Museum website has detailed maps to assist the visitor.
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