Bourton Model Village Cirencester
The Old New Inn
Gloustershire GL54 2AF
In the 1930s a previous owner of The Old New Inn, along with local craftsmen, created an exact replica of Bourton village in his garden.  Built of local Cotswold stone the model is a 1/9th scale model of the real village even down to a metre wide River Windrush flowing through the centre.
The Windrush flows from a working watermill and five little stone bridges cross the river just like they do in the real village.  The golden Cotswold stone houses with stone tiled roofs have weathered in just the same way as the full size ones.
Garden plants and shrubs replicate the real trees and hedges and a choir can be heard singing in St Lawrence’s church.  In the back garden of the model Old New Inn is the ‘model village’ complete with a 10 cm wide river!
Bourton-on-the-Water frozen in time
The Model Village has not been updated or changed since construction and shows Bourton-on-the-Water frozen in time.  It was opened in 1937 on the day of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation.
There is an admission fee and up to date details can be obtained from The Old New Inn website (below).
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Getting There
The Model Village website has quite good 'Getting Here' information
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