Gypsy Horse Fair Stow on the Wold
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Ever since 1476 two great Fairs have been held at the north Cotswolds market town of Stow-on-the-Wold.  Over the centuries these two great events have evolved into the Gypsy Hose Fairs.
The Abbot of Evesham petitioned the King for charters to hold two fairs, the first in May and the second in October. The charters were granted for May 12th, the feast of Saints Philip and James, and October 24th, the feast of St. Edward the Confessor and these dates are still used today to decide the Gypsy Horse Fair.
The horse fair is held on the Thursday closest to the above dates and attracts hundreds of sightseers.  Gypsies gather from all corners of England for a meet and greet, and hundreds of horses are paraded and sold, all in one day. It is quite a sight!
The fair is held in fields between Stow and Maugersbury with the ‘travellers’ arriving from the Monday onwards.
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Horse drawn Romany Caravans
Many come in traditional horse-drawn Romany caravans and set up stalls selling handicrafts and palm reading.  The actual horse-selling takes place on Thursday after which everyone packs up and moves on.
An excellent article on the history of the Stow Fairs and the current Horse Fairs can be found at:
A fine montage of images of the recent fair can be found at that web site.
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