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Many people have heard of the Cotswolds but have no idea of just how close this lovely area is to London.
In just over an hour from Central London by car, the visitor can be meandering along flower bedecked lanes, crossing babbling brooks and chancing upon hidden gems of villages.
We have great Cotswold information in this website, just go to any of our four main towns:
Geographically the area is a limestone plateau bounded on two sides by the River Thames and the River Severn.
The ready availability of local stone has shaped the character of the area.  The houses are built and roofed in this honey-coloured stone which weathers to a gentle grey.  Dry-stone walling (the ancient craft of laying natural stone without mortar) encloses the fields and cottage gardens.
From early times the wool and wheat produced from this area was the cornerstone of England’s wealth. The Romans recognised this and built a major town in Cirencester with many surrounding villas and farms.  Some of these villas have been unearthed and are on display.
The market towns of Stow-on-the-Wold, Northleach and Chipping Camden have spectacular medieval churches paid for by wealthy wool merchants whose splendid houses line the streets.
Cotswold Tourist Information
The Cotswold District Council website has links to each of the Tourist Information Offices in the larger towns in the area. Go to  Web:  Cotswold District Council/ Tourist Information Centres      External Link
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The most magnificent town architecturally is the City of Oxford.  The ‘dreaming spires’ of the University’s colleges are a magnet for tourists.  There is a lot to enjoy in this city – the history, the charming rivers and the delightful riverside pubs.
Farming and tourism are the major sources of income for the Cotswolds so there are plenty of places to stay if you would like to spend a few days exploring the area.
There is a lot to see and do and you might even discover a pretty little village that no other tourist has found.
An excellent website to visit is  Web: Cotswolds Info    External Link
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