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The small market town of Leominster, (pronounced ‘Lemster’), in the north-west corner of Herefordshire in England, is famous for its black-and-white buildings.
One of the best is Grange Court, a magnificent timber-framed structure extravagantly decorated with carvings, including mermaids, angels, animals, flowers and grotesque people. The entablature above the columns includes a number of carved texts.
Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 16:00
Disabled Access
Grange Court is entirely accessible for people with disabilities. There are a wheelchair and two walkers available for anyone who needs them.
Originally, Grange Court was the town’s market hall, occupying a central position at the junction of Broad Street, High Street, Church Street, Drapers' Lane, and Burgess Street. This original location is marked by a charming little bronze model depicting the market hall.
When built by John Abel in 1633, the market hall was open at ground level and supported on twelve oak columns. It housed the weekly butter market, selling chickens, eggs, and butter and was known as ‘the Butter Crosse’. The building has a stone tile roof, a bellcote, and a weathervane dated 1687.
As well as being the market hall, public meetings were held there and the upstairs rooms were used for meetings of the town’s nine Craft Guilds and Quarter Session Courts. From 1750 the town council met in the upstairs rooms.
The building has had many different functions in its near 400-year life, and every new owner has adapted the building to make it fit for their purpose.
By the mid nineteenth century, the market hall was proving a traffic hazard in the town centre. The building was dismantled and lay in pieces in a builder’s yard until 1859, when the building was bought at auction for £95 by John Hungerford Arkwright (of the spinning jenny family).
Arkwright offered the building to the council if they would re-erect it, but they refused. He moved the building himself and rebuilt it as a private home in its present location, near the Priory Church. In the process, the ground floor was enclosed, a three-storey brick extension added at the rear, and the roof replaced.
The new location was on the edge of a park known as the Grange; it was at this time that the building was renamed Grange Court and was leased to the Moore family.
At some point two terracotta panels by the Leominster sculptor William Storr-Barber (d. 1934) were added to the interior.
Grange Court remained a family home until 1939, when Leominster District Council made a compulsory purchase to save it from being dismantled and moved to South Wales to become the gatehouse to St. Donats Castle.
Until 2008, it was used as council offices by the District Council, and later Herefordshire County Council. Restoration began in 2001 and completed in 2013. A modern annexe has been added to enable use as a community centre. The building is Grade II listed and is licensed for the conduct of civil marriage ceremonies.
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Contact & Further Information
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Getting There
- By Car
Leominster is on the A49 between Hereford and Ludlow, and the A44 between Worcester and Aberystwyth (Wales).
Grange Court is only accessible from the Church Street entrance to Pinsley Road. There is no through road from the Etnam Street entrance, although this does not show on Google Maps or Satnavs.
Grange Court has car parking for up to 12 vehicles, and two disabled parking bays. Etnam Street car park and the large car park on Arkwright Close, both Pay & Display, are less than 5 minutes walk from Grange Court. More information about car parks in Leominster can be found at  Web: Parking/ Leominster    External Link
- By Rail
Leominster Station is a 5 minute walk from Grange Court. Trains are regular between Hereford and Shrewsbury. For train timetables, fares and ticketing go to  Web:  National Rail Enquiries    External Link
- By Bus
Leominster is on the main bus route, with the 426, 493, and 495 passing through the town centre. Check the following link for timetables  Web:  Bus Timetables/ Leominster    External Link
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