St Mary’s ChurchLeominster
High Street
Herefordshire HR6 9EA
Standing on a rise overlooking the High Street is St Mary’s church with is unique detached wooden Bell Tower. The church and tower are very famous and can be reached via steps leading out of Pembridge’s Market Square.
Bell Tower
The bell tower rises in three timber-framed stages from a roughly octagonal stone base. Architecturally it is almost unique in England, having more in common with Scandinavian Stave churches than English bell towers. The base is 45 feet (13.72 metres) in diameter, with a short, pyramidal roof topped with a shingle-clad spire. Designed as a refuge it has arrow slit windows and musket holes in the oak doors.
The interior timber frame is composed of 8 huge oak posts in a square pattern, braced by a series of smaller oak cross-pieces. The beams have been scientifically dated to 1207-1216 but the stone walls were probably constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries. The tower has a clock and a ring of five bells.
The Church
St Mary’s is a medieval church from 1320 built on the site of an earlier Norman building. It has a carved Jacobean octagonal pulpit, remains of 17th century wall paintings, and a chest tomb with four well preserved 14th century effigies of the Gour Family. At the west end of the nave is a 13th century font supported on 4 short posts around a central shaft.
The church is entered through a 14th century porch and the old oaken door boasts a medieval sanctuary knocker. Inside, the lovely arcades in the spacious nave are supported on octagonal piers. Evidence of Pembridge’s fierce resistance during the Civil War can be seen in the exterior of the West door. It is thought that the bullet holes were made by Cromwell’s troops.
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Contact & Further Information
St Mary’s is a member of the Arrowvale Group of Parishes who are individual parishes each with its own worshiping community. The have combined to serve the people who live, work and visit the area.
- The current contact is:
Revd Preb Steve Hollinghurst
The Rectory
Powys LD8 2BP
Telephone   01544 267777
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Getting There
Follow the directions for getting to Pembridge Village on this website.
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