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This elegant house dates from the 17th century and was renovated in the late 18th century. During this period a number of Royal persons were in residence. Frogmore once used to be one of Queen Victoria's favourite retreats.

Limited Opening to the Public
In the 1980s the residence underwent extensive restoration. Frogmore has 18 bedrooms as well as a Sitting room, Gallery and Dining Room. Since no Royals took up residence, the house was opened to the public in 1990. It is open for the late Bank Holiday weekend in May and August, plus group tours during August to the end of September each year.
Do not miss the Victoria Closet
The Cross Gallery has decorative panels painted by Princess Elizabeth, daughter of George III and Queen Charlotte. One of Frogmore’s special treats is The Victoria Closet where works of art, made by three generations of the royal family are displayed.
Frogmore house set in the private Windsor Home Park, is renowned for its beautiful landscaped garden and 18th-century lake.
Queen Victoria was inspired to write 'all is peace and quiet and you only hear the hum of the bees, the singing of the birds'.
Indeed, Queen Victoria loved Frogmore so much that she chose to build a mausoleum for herself and her husband, Prince Albert, in the grounds.
Mausoleum Closed
The Royal Collection website advises that the mausoleum is now closed. The Royal burial ground may be viewed from around its perimeter on the days that the gardens are open to the public. For further information visit:  Web:  Royal Collection - Frogmore House
Frogmore is no longer a Royal residence, however the house and gardens are sometimes used by the Royal Family for official purposes such as receptions.
Plan Your Visit 
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Disabled Access
Frogmore House & Garden is largely accessible. All visitors who require an access companion are eligible for a complimentary access companion ticket.
Visiting, Times & Admission Prices
There are three ways you can visit Frogmore House - during the Charity Days in early Summer; the August Open Days or the Group Guided Tours July to September.
Further information: Web:  Frogmore House/ Plan Your Visit
Charity Days and August Open Days
The average duration of a visit to Frogmore House & Gardens is between two and three hours. Visitors can explore the house and gardens at their leisure.
Group Guided Tours
The Group Guided Tours last approximately two hours. Visitors do not have the opportunity to walk through the gardens, but they can see parts of the garden closest to the House.
Contact & Further Information
Getting There
Frogmore House is located within Windsor Home Park, the private park adjacent to Windsor Castle.
- By Car from Windsor Town Centre
Access is via Park Street onto the Long Walk, where parking is available.
- Entrances
Visitors to the Annual Opening in August should enter from the Long Walk Gate, accessed via Park Street in Windsor Town Centre.
Groups visiting Frogmore House during August and September should arrive via the Shaw Farm Gate entrance.  
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