Magna Carta Memorial Royal Windsor
Surrey SL4 2JL
A walk of about 300 to 400 yards (27.3 - 36.4 metres) across the Runnymede Meadows and Memorials land near the base of Coopers Hill woods is the American Bar Association’s Magna Carta Memorial.
It is interesting to note that this historically significant site had no official monument until the formation of Magna Carta Trust in the late 1950's.  As a member of the Trust, the Egham Council gave this piece of land to the Trust who leased it to the American Bar Association.  The memorial was erected in the autumn of 1957.
King John was at Windsor Castle whilst the renegade Barrons were at Staines
In 1215, King John in Windsor Castle was on the brink of a civil war with the renegade Barons who were camped in Staines.  King John met the Barons at the half way point of Runnymede Meadows.
The outcome of that meeting was the  sealing of 'Magna Carta' which was a statement of basic principles – the key principle being that no citizen could be imprisoned without a lawful judgment  being made’.  It was therefore the foundation of democratic law.  The American Constitution is based on the principles espoused in Magna Carta.
Memorial is in the form of a Classical domed temple
The Memorial is in the form of a domed classical temple containing a pillar of English granite. This pillar is inscribed: 'To commemorate Magna Carta, symbol of Freedom under Law’.
The same principles were exported to the United States of America, hence the erection of this Memorial by the American Bar Association.
Magna Carta 800th Anniversary
2015 was the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Due to its central place in English history and its impact across the world, a wide range of events and activities were conducted. For details of all the events, displays and functions relating to this important anniversary go to Web:  Magna Carta Trust
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