Sir Christopher Wren's
House Royal Windsor
Windsor Bridge
Thames Street
Berkshire SL4 1PX
In 1676 Sir Christopher Wren built the house for his family to live in. The house has now been turned into a Hotel.
Windsor was very familiar to Wren because as a child he had stayed in the Deanery in Windsor Castle while his father was Dean of Windsor.
The house fronts on to the pedestrianised approach to Windsor Bridge and also overlooks the River Thames.  When it was built it would have been on the outskirts of Windsor on the road to Eton Village but close to the ferries and barges plying the Thames.
Occupants of the house were mainly private owners and at one time a business man who was a local barge master and coal merchant to the King.
A Ghostly Reputation
In the 19th century the house acquired a ghost reputedly in Sir Christopher’s bedroom.  It got a local reputation as the ‘haunted house’ and people would avoid walking past it.
A new life in the 20th century
In the early 20th century it became uninhabited for a while until it was bought by two sisters who turned it in to a Guest House and riverside Restaurant.  This was the beginning of the house’s new life as accommodation for visitors. Wren’s house is a Grade II listed building so although the house has been added to by successive owners, it is substantially still the same house that Wren designed and built.  The Hotel is furnished with antiques and decorated in harmony with the 17th century exterior.
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