Windsor Home ParkRoyal Windsor
The Home Park is the 655 acre (265 hectare) private Royal Park surrounding Windsor Castle and its gardens.  It is not generally open to the public except on special occasions.
A quick glimpse of the Home Park and The Long Walk can be obtained while driving along the busy A308 road to Old Windsor.  There is no parking available on the A308.
Windsor Farm Shop
Workers on the Crown Estate are housed in The Home Park and there are sporting facilities such as a golf course, a cricket ground, a bowling green and tennis courts.  The park has beautiful avenues of trees and gardens and a significant amount is given over to organic farming, produce from which can be purchased from the Windsor Farm Shop  Web:  Windsor Farm Shop website
Frogmore House, Royal Mausoleum and Royal Burial Ground
Also within The Home Park is the Frogmore Estate comprising gardens, Frogmore House, the Royal Mausoleum and the Royal Burial Ground.  The Estate is open to the public a couple of days in August each year. For open days go to the Frogmore House and Gardens - link below.
The Royal Collection/ Frogmore House website advises that the Royal Mausoleum is not open to visitors. Go to  Web:  Royal Collection Website 
The Royal burial ground may be viewed from around its perimeter on the days that the gardens are open to the public.
Royal Windsor Horse Show
The Queen makes The Home Park available annually for special events such as The Royal Windsor Horse Show.
Originally a great royal deer hunting ground adjoined Windsor Castle and what is now left of it, some 6,000 acres (2,2428 hectare) is called Great Windsor Park.  The Home Park lies within but is separated from Great Windsor Park by the busy A320 road.
The remainder of Great Windsor Park is open to the public and a walk up Snow Hill to the Copper Horse gives a grand view of Windsor Castle, the Long Walk and the surrounding countryside.
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