Changing the Guard
CeremonyRoyal Windsor
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This magnificent Ceremony is conducted when a new detachment of guards marches to the Castle to replace the old detachment.  The detachment is led by the Guards Military Band.  A new guard is mounted daily and is taken from the corps occupying the Guardhouse.
The soldiers are drawn from one of the five regiments of Foot Guards in the British army.  Occasionally a Commonwealth regiment is honoured with being asked to mount a guard.
The British Guards regiments consist of the Scots, the Irish, the Welsh, the Grenadier and the Coldstream.  These Guards present a colourful spectacle in their scarlet tunics and black bearskins.
This Ceremony is conducted at a number of Royal residences.  In Windsor it can be seen at Windsor Castle and in London at Buckingham Palace.
Inside Windsor Castle
The Windsor Changing of The Guard Ceremony usually takes place all year round, dependant on the weather.
April – July: the Ceremony takes place daily at 11.00 hours except on Sundays.
August – March: the Ceremony takes place on alternate days except Sundays.
The Ceremony takes place outside the Guardroom in the Lower Ward of the Castle and takes about 30 minutes. To see the ceremony, visitors need to have paid their entrance fee to go into the Castle.
Throughout the day a new guard is posted but this only involves a couple of the Guardsmen and is not accompanied by the band playing.
Outside the Castle
Visitors can watch the 'new Guards' march from their barracks up the High Street.  A good view of them can be obtained by standing in front of the Guildhall. 
April - July; Daily except on Sundays.
August – March   Alternate days except Sundays.
Visitors should be in the High Street by 10.50 hours to see the Guards march past.
The 'old Guards' return to their barracks down High Street at about 11.25 hours.
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