King Charles Inn Poole
Thames Street
Dorset BH15 1JN

There are many old pubs and inns in Poole Old Town but the King Charles Inn is reputed to be one of the oldest.

The black and white timber framed walls and oriel windows mark the main Tudor section of the pub. Inside, the old roof beams, panelling and original fireplace remain.

The King's Hall
Attached to the inn is the King’s Hall, a medieval stone building. This was once part of the Grand Cellars (Town Cellars) when it was known as the longest medieval storehouse in Northern Europe.
The Town Cellars are now part of Poole Museum and are called the Poole History Centre (Town Cellars, Poole).
In 1405 the Grand Cellar was ransacked and burnt by the Spanish in retaliation for the activities of Poole part-time privateer and pirate, Harry Paye.
King’s Hall served as a prison at one time and the beam from which hangings were conducted can still be seen. The medieval hall is well worth looking into.
Ghostly Landlady
The pub is also reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Emily, a former landlady. She is said to have been married to Harry Paye’s brother. When the Spanish raided Poole, looking for their arch enemy Harry, they couldn’t find him so they took his brother instead and killed him. Poor Emma was so distraught she took her own life.
The inn is named not after the English King Charles as might be imagined, but King Charles X of France, who landed in Poole on his way to exile in 1830.
Traditional Food
This historic pub serves a great selection of various meats. Turkey, Gammon, Pork, Beef, Lamb or a combination of any with a great selection of vegetables, gravies and sauces.
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