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Perched on a hillside overlooking rural Cornwall and the sea is the iron-age village of Chysauster.  It is worth going to see these remarkable stone houses just for the view alone. 
The site is only a few miles from Penzance and in the care of English Heritage who have provided a car park, and admission centre beside the B3311, 2½ miles (4 km) North West of Gulval.  Entrance to the site is up a steep grassy footpath. 
The village consisted of eight oval-shaped stone dwellings, arranged in pairs along a street.  Its plan is quite clear and it is an extraordinary experience to be able to wander through a settlement built between 100 BC and 400 AD. 
Each building is around 92 feet (28 metres) long with a central courtyard.  Small chambers lead off this central living and working area.  Each house had a garden plot and surrounding the settlement are the remains of a field system showing that the people who lived here were farmers.
The small dwellings around the courtyard would have been thatched but the remainder of the enclosure was open to the sky.  These courtyard dwellings are unique to the South-West peninsula of Cornwall and the Scilly Isles.
A detailed description of the Chysauster dwellings can be found at  Web:  Megalithics - Chysauster Village    External Link
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Disabled Access   
Opening Dates, Times & Entry Costs
The site is closed between 2 November and 31 March.
There are Adult, Children and Concession entry fees. English Heritage members have free entry.
For full details go to the English Heritage Chysauster web site – see below.
Contact & Further Information
Telephone   +44 (0)7831 757 934
Website   English Heritage - Chysauster    External Link
Getting There
The above English Heritage website has an excellent 'Getting To' map.
- By Car:  From Penzance, follow the A30 north for about 2miles (3.2 km) to Gulval and head north on the B3311 to the English Heritage car park and Chysauster admission centre.
- Parking:  The monument can be accessed by footpath from the car park which lies on the road between Little Chysauster and Carnaquidden Farm. The carpark is signposted.
Google Map - Chysauster Ancient Village