Pendon Museum
Village Railway SceneOxford
Long Wittenham,
Oxfordshire OX14 4QD
This is a unique museum for all the family.  Here the visitor will find re-creation of a typical village of the Vale of White Horse from the 1920s and 1930s. This village is on the London to Bristol GWR main line allowing the modelling of GWR trains to add further interest.
Three main scenes have been modelled:
- The iconic Madder Valley Railway - This model was built in the 1930's and is a vintage railway in its own right. Because of its age and fragility the Madder Valley Railway is only run on a limited number days during the year, normally up to six times. Details are on the Museum website. When this display is not running there is a short video of the layout.
- Then there is the Dartmoor Scene - Here there are a variety of trains running through a West Country landscape and across a classic Brunel viaduct. Visitors can get very close to the models and admire the level of detail. There is always a live commentary and opportunity to ask questions of the knowledgeable guides.
- Finally there is The Vale Scene which occupies most of the museum's upper floor. The Vale Scene is truly a benchmark for all finescale modelling. The buildings, scenery and railways are built to meticulous standards of accuracy. It is populated with highly realistic people, machinery and wildlife – and believe it or not, the museum provides binoculars so the smallest details can be seen. Guides are on hand to help provide background information on the models and their historical, geographic and social context.
All in all, a museum not to be missed by the visitor who likes perfection in landscape, village and railway modelling.
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The Museum has quite good 'Finding Us' directions, map & information on their website.
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