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For visitors to Britain, London is often the first port of call. This large vibrant city is the capital of England and is the seat of government for the British Isles. Greater London has a population approaching nine million people however this can double with tourists visiting the city. It has a history stretching back to Roman times.

A Welcoming City
For the first time visitor, do not let London’s size put you off exploring it independently. It is easy to find your way around and London welcomes ‘wanderers’ – there is so much to see. Most of the famous ‘sights’ are within the Fare Zone 1 North area.
Transport System
As a starter, there is a very efficient, clean and modern, easy to use transport system. Most visitors will be aware of London’s modern double decker ‘Red’ buses as well as the world renowned Underground ‘ Tube’ & ‘Overground’ rail systems.
In addition, there are co-ordinated River Thames Ferry services, Trams at Croydon on the south side and to cap it all off, the ‘Emirates Air Line’ (Cable Car) servicing the O2 Entertainment Centre.
City of London
Sometimes visitors are confused by the term ‘City of London’. This refers mainly to the one square mile financial and legal heart of London. It also happens to be the oldest part of the city and contains several of London’s most historic remains such as the Roman Wall.
Through the middle of London runs the River Thames equally dividing the city into north & south of the river. We have used this natural division in our menu system.
Arriving by Air at London’s Airports
- Heathrow
There are lots of options for getting to London by train from Heathrow.
Heathrow Express
The Heathrow Express runs four trains an hour, non-stop between the airport and Paddington Station. This journey takes 15 – 20 minutes and is not overcrowded. Oyster cards and Travelcards are not valid on this service.
- London Underground's Piccadilly Line 
However the London Underground's Piccadilly Line provides the most cost-effective rail route between Heathrow and the capital. Journey time by Tube is under an hour and you shouldn't have to wait longer than ten minutes for a train, even off-peak. Heathrow has three London Underground stations – one for Terminals 2 and 3 and one each at Terminal 4 and Terminal 5. The Piccadilly Underground line is a commuter service and depending on the time of day can get very crowded. There is no special arrangements for passenger luggage.
For more information go to Web: Heathrow Airport Guide - Getting to/ from
For information on London Underground at Heathrow go to Web: Heathrow/ London Underground
- Gatwick
There are lots of options for getting to London by train from Gatwick. The Gatwick Express non-stop train service to Victoria runs every 15 minutes with a journey time of 30 minutes.
For further information go to Web: Gatwick Airport Getting to/ from
Hire Cars 
Book Airport Pickups London here:
London Cabs
The traditional Black London Cabs are the only public conveyances that may be hailed on the street or at taxi ranks. These cabs hold official 'Hire Licences' and when available for hire show a lighted 'For Hire' sign. When the passenger enters the cab the lighted sign is turned off and the journey clock starts ticking. This calculates the cost of your journey.
The traditional all-black London cab is a common sight in London streets, however some are now painted in a variety of colours, often in advertising livery. The Licensed Drivers have to pass an official test called 'The Knowledge'. There are two types of Knowledge badges, a green badge for all of London (very difficult to pass) and a yellow badge for suburban areas. Your driver will be wearing either a green or yellow badge.
London has ample accommodation to suit all tastes, from 5-Star hotels such as The Savoy Hotel, The Ritz Hotel and Claridges to smaller private hotels and apartments. To choose accommodation in London, go to our menu bar above and select the ‘Accommodation’ drop down.
Food & Drink
London has many, many restaurants catering to the city’s multi-cultural population. Some are 5-star, some small and informal, and some super-modern. It is home to all the popular world class chefs practising ethnic fusion cuisine.
As well there are the wonderful London Pubs, almost on every corner! They are great for a quick meal and a cosy drink.
Tourist Attractions
London has so many tourist attractions that it is hard to pick a couple. We all have our favourite ‘must see’ sites so here we can only highlight a few. Many more attractions are featured on the Menu Bar and drop-downs above.
For those who like things Royal there is Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London. Visit fabulous Art Galleries and Museums, Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Tower Bridge and of course, the Cutty Sark Sailing Clipper at Greenwich.
Open Top City Sightseeing Buses
A great way to see the various attractions in the centre of London is to take a tour on a ‘Hop on Hop off Open Top Sightseeing Bus’. These buses run all day and the ticket provides all day and evening access. This is a perfect way to see a lot of London attractions, and to orientate yourself while deciding which places you really want to spend some time.
Book through City Sightseeing here:
Fun for the family
Most of London’s attractions provide child-friendly activities and there are plenty of things to see and do that cost nothing or very little. Watch the Guards resplendent in bearskins and scarlet tunics marching to Buckingham Palace, or the beautifully groomed Horse Guards in plumed helmets and shining breastplates on their way to Whitehall – it is all free. Feed the brightly coloured ducks in the parks and laugh at the street entertainers’ antics in Covent Garden.
Our Website Fare Zone Menu
We have collated a wide variety of attractions and experiences under their location Fare Zones. Click on the appropriate London Fare Zone on the right-hand side of the page and the top menu will fill with the relevant sites.
London has everything that tourists seek, so enjoy your visit!  
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