Your Safety
As with any country you visit your safety and the safety of your possessions rests with you and how you conduct yourself.
An extremely good article that we recommend you read in full is titled ‘A Safe Trip Abroad’ and is issued by the US Department of State. It is most comprehensive.
The advice applies to all tourists, not just those from the USA.

Register your Travel
The Safe Trip information above advises you to ‘sign up for the Smart Traveller Program’. The link given is for USA citizens. Most countries have a similar program – just Google ‘Smart Traveller Registration’ and follow the links.

Personal Documents
As advised in the Safe Trip information, before you leave on your trip it may be worthwhile making a copy of all your travel documents:
  • Passports
  • Travellers Cheques
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance policy
  • Serial numbers and type of  Cameras, mobile/cell phones etc
  • Other items of value
You may keep that record in hard copy format in a safe place at your home or with you or in electronic format on a safe, password encrypted USB storage device. Should you lose or have stolen any item, it is then relatively easy to report to the local police at least for insurance purposes.

Police, Ambulance & Fire - Tel: 999 or 112 and advise which service is required. This is a free call
Non Emergencies
Police - Reporting a crime. Tel: 0300 123 1212 and give operator all details. Use this number if you are reporting the theft of property for insurance purposes, You will be given a case number.
For details on emergency and non emergency calls to police, Web:  Metropolitan Police Crime Reporting
Travel Insurance
The Australian Smart Traveller advice states: ‘If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel’
- Health:Before you go, check with your health insurer as to whether they have reciprocal arrangements with health authorities and hospitals in the UK. Your travel insurance may also cover health emergencies.

Should an emergency arise, costs can be high so if you feel that you are underinsured, talk to your travel insurance people and your health fund and obtain additional cover.

- Death: Nobody likes to think of this happening on your overseas holiday, however it happens relatively often.

The Australian Smart Traveller website has detailed information that will help. Web:  Australian Smart Traveller/Death Overseas weblink
All countries have similar information to help their citizens. Just Google ‘Smart Traveller’ together with your country – in the sub menus will be the link you require.

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