Entry into the UK
- Holidays & Vacations
Visitors to the UK (including Isle of Man and Chanel Islands) must meet several requirements for entry to the UK.
As well as character requirements, they must have:
Passport    -  A valid national passport or acceptable national identity document
Valid Visa  -  Detailed information on entry to the UK is at:   Web:  UK Home Office Official Website/ Entry Requirements weblink
Visitors from some countries do not require a visa. Check the above website for exemption list.
A web site which can assist with Visa assessment for entry to the UK is at:   


- Customs
On arrival at most UK entry points (ports & airports) the visitor to the UK will have to pass through a customs check. Usually there are three channels or exits for you to pass through.
  • Red – if you have something to declare
  • Green – if travelling from a non-EU country with nothing to declare
  • Blue – if travelling from a EU country with nothing to declare
To decide if you have anything to declare, we suggest that you consult the following UK Border Agency information:  Web: UK Home Office Official Website/ Customs
Obviously there are penalties applicable should visitors contravene customs regulations. Take special note of prohibited goods.

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