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Fare Zone 1 - South of the River Thames
Public transport in London is provided by Transport for London. There is London Transport (red) Buses, London Underground (the Tube), London Overground, Dockland Light Railway, London Tramlink and London River Services.
Fare Zones
The London area is divided into Fare Zones, with the majority of London’s attractions found in Zones 1 & 2.
Transport for London (TfL)
Transport for London (TfL) has an excellent website with details of the type of tickets required for travel on all TfL services  Web: TfL Ticket Details
Detailed Fare Zone maps are available at the TfL website  Web:  TfL Getting Around
Here the visitor can source the ticket that will best suit their holiday needs. There is a special section of the TfL website which details options available to visitors to London with the ability to pre-purchase Oyster & Travelcards before your holiday commences. Go to  Web: TfL Visitor Info
London Pass with Travel
A further option for the tourist is to investigate a “London Pass with Travel” – you will be able to combine entry to many popular attractions together with travel on the London network. Visit  Web: London Pass
London Cabs
The traditional Black London Cabs are the only public conveyances that may be hailed on the street or at taxi ranks. These cabs hold official ‘Hire Licences’ and when available for hire show a lighted ‘For Hire’ sign. When the passenger enters the cab the lighted sign is turned off and the journey clock starts ticking. This calculates the cost of your journey.
The traditional all-black London cab is a common sight in London streets, however some are now painted in a variety of colours, often in advertising livery. The Licensed Drivers have to pass an official test called ‘The Knowledge’. There are two types of Knowledge badges, a green badge for all of London (very difficult to pass) and a yellow badge for suburban areas. Your driver will be wearing  either a green or a yellow badge.
Mini Cabs 
Mini Cabs and other private taxis such as Uber cannot be hailed on the street or curb side. Mini Cabs are ordinary cars without a ‘Hire’ License. These mini cabs usually are available for hire through a ‘mini cab’ despatch company or as in the case of Uber by Smart Phone App. Their drivers do not have ‘The Knowledge’ or the official license.
Most Mini Cabs are well run and can be booked through the hire companies or through your hotel. However, as there is no set taxi qualification for this form of cab and they could possibly be uninsured, the prospective passenger must go on recommendation from hotel or friends.
London's 'South' side of the River Thames
Fare Zone 1.
There is so much for the tourist to see and do in London. .
The Menu Bar at the top of this page displays attractions located in this Fare Zone on the 'South' side of the River Thames.
Enjoy wonderful London


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