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Wellington Place
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Hyde Park Corner
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At the western end of Piccadilly is a large traffic roundabout on which stands The Wellington Arch and a number of important war memorials including those of Australia and New Zealand.
This is Wellington Place.
Tip  This is an excellent spot from which to get a good view of the Household Cavalry in their ceremonial uniforms on beautifully groomed horses, passing through on their way from Hyde Park Barracks (in Hyde Park) to Whitehall. They come through just before 11:00 hours and the old guard returns about 20 minutes later.
Royal Artillery Memorial
This large memorial stands at the opposite end of Wellington Place to Wellington Arch. Built in 1925 of Portland Stone it features a giant howitzer with stone reliefs depicting the reality of war. It commemorates the over 49,000 of the Royal Artillery Regiment killed in WWI.
The sculptor, Charles Sargeant Jagger (1885-1934), had served in the trenches and been awarded the Military Cross. The reality of the sculpture is most affecting, especially the bronze figure of a dead soldier covered by a greatcoat – Jaeger certainly knew what it was all about. Three bronze panels were added in 1949 in memory of the additional 30,000 killed in WWII.
Royal Machine Gun Corps Memorial
Erected in 1925 this statue of a nude 'David' holding a sword is not immediately recognisable as a war memorial, however on closer inspection it can be seen that David is flanked by wreathed machine guns. The inscription refers to the enormous slaughtering potential of the machine gun.
Australian War Memorial
Erected in 2003 this unusual memorial commemorates the 1.5 million Australian servicemen and women who joined with Britain in fighting two World Wars. One hundred and two thousand people lost their lives in these conflicts – an enormous sacrifice for such a sparsely populated country.
The memorial takes the form of a gently sloping, curved wall of West Australian green granite rising no more than 13 feet (4 metres). Slabs of granite like tombstones lean up against the wall, bearing not the names of people, but the names of the 24,000 hometowns and suburbs where they enlisted. Not all the town names are Australian; some are from Britain and other countries.
Carved on the granite wall above the slabs are 47 of the Battle Honours won by the RAN, AIF, ACMF and RAAF. When available, water flows across the sloping slabs. An inscription under the Australian Coat of Arms reads:  'Whatever burden you are to carry we also will shoulder that burden'.
New Zealand War Memorial
Erected in 2006 the memorial commemorates the bonds between the UK and New Zealand and the shared sacrifices made during wars.
Sixteen cross-sectioned bronze standards slant out of the grassy slope, all pointing south. The shape of the cross is reminiscent of the Southern Cross star constellation. Lit by a white light, they glow in the dusk. Each standard is different and decorated with symbols of New Zealand – the Southern Cross stars, the hull of a great Maori canoe and fish hooks, a quote from Katherine Mansfield, and another dedicated to the All Blacks rugby team.
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