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There are various ways to purchase tickets for London Theatres.
It all depends on when you want make your theatre booking. Maybe before you start your vacation so that you can plan your trip with certainty or maybe after you arrive in London and just a couple a days before the theatre performance. Or maybe, your theatre visit is just a ‘spur of the moment’ decision.
Firstly, some words of warning – BEWARE OF TICKET TOUTS. Touts tend to prowl around outside theatres with ‘a ticket deal too good to miss’. Be careful – the tickets that they sell can be stolen, forged or just overpriced and your wonderful London Theatre Experience may become just the opposite.
Let us take the ‘spur of the moment’ theatre booking first – these are normally purchased ‘face to face’ as against by telephone or internet and are for that day. Tickets can be purchased from the box office of the theatre hosting the show or from the ‘half price ticket booth’.
Theatre box offices often sell standby tickets or ticket returns for that night’s performance. It’s worth fronting up to the theatre and asking.
Half Price Ticket Booth
For a performance the same night (and up to a week in advance), call at the ‘Tkts’ (previously called Half Price Ticket Booth) in Leicester Square in the heart of London’s Theatre District - the ticket booth is easily recognizable and is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sundays from 12 noon to 3pm. Easy ‘Getting There’ directions are on their web site.
They have a good selection of seats from around half price. Tkts state that they ‘are the only official half price and discount theatre ticket outlets in London operated by the Society of London Theatre, the industry body that represents London theatres’.
For full ticket purchase information go to:
Website   Tkts website or you can purchase tickets online at that site - click the 'Buy Tickets' tab.
Tickets on the Web
Now, to purchase tickets online – there are many reputable web sites at which you can purchase tickets. We suggest that the visitor go to the Google website and enter: ‘purchase London theatre tickets’. There are many instantly recognizable internet based companies to assist you with your purchase.

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