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Via Ferrata Classic & Extreme
Honister's Via Ferrata
Honister Pass
Cumbria CA12 5XN
If you are looking for an adrenalin pumping activity then you cannot go past this high wire act in the Lake District.  
The Via Ferrata at Honister Slate Mine allows the average person with no previous rock climbing skills to experience the challenge of scaling a 2000 feet (648m) cliff face with complete safety.  All you need is nerve and a head for heights.
Participants must be over the age of 10 and at least 4 feet 3 inches/1.30metres tall.  All safety equipment is supplied together with instruction.
The Honister Via Ferrata Adventures are AALA approved.  Complete Terms and Conditions and Risk Assessment documents can be downloaded from the Honister Slate Mine website: 
Opening Hours
Open all year subject to weather conditions.
09:00 – 17:00 hours
What is Via Ferrata?
Via Ferrata is Italian for "Iron Way" and the system has been used in the Alps for more than a century to transport men and equipment over mountainous terrain.  A risky version was used by the miners in Honister Slate Mine to get home quickly.
Honister's Via Ferrata is an adventure climbing system that uses a permanently fixed cable for safety and protection up the rock face of the old miners' route. The really scary bit comes when you leave the track bed and swing out across the bulging rock face.
Each participant is attached to the system by a harness and clips which are slid up the cable. Unlike conventional rock climbing there are no ropes to impede progress.
Honister's Via Ferrata provides all relevant equipment (including helmets) and safety instructions.  A fully qualified guide accompanies each tour.
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Via Ferrata Classic
This can take 2-3 hours to complete and takes the climber to the top of Fleetwith Pike, 2126 feet (609 metres) high inaccessible by any other route.
You can book online but make sure that you arrive 30 minutes before departure time or your spot will be released and reallocated.
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Via Ferrata Xtreme
This is the ultimate in excitement and not for the faint hearted or anyone frightened of heights.  Ascend the cliff face on the Via Ferrata,  and at the top clip on to the steel flying-fox cable and swoop down over 2,000 feet (609 metres) of nothing to the bottom!
Via Ferrata + Zip is a slightly longer route, taking 2-3.5 hours to complete.
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The Infinity Bridge
Honister’s Via Ferrata has a new attraction. The Infinity Bridge is named so because often you are unable to see the other end!
It is strung across a breathtaking gorge high up on the mountain, 1,200 feet (366 metres) above the valley floor; the bridge is the longest of its type in Britain.
Participants must be over the age of 10 and at least 4 feet 3 inches/1.30 metres tall. Please come prepared for all weather conditions with waterproofs, gloves and strong footwear. All essential equipment will be provided by Honister on arrival.
*This tour is subject to extreme climatic conditions and is not pre-bookable, and will only depart on the day if safe to do so. Please enquire on the day of your visit.
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Contact & Further Information
Telephone  +44 (0) 1768 777 230
Mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Getting There
The Via Ferrata is an attraction at the Honister Slate Mine. Their comprehensive website has excellent information  Web: Honister/ Getting There
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