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The coast of the UK and Republic of Ireland is protected by the unique band of volunteers who make up the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). These highly trained and fearless men and women regularly risk their lives going to the aid of … "those in peril on the sea".

The distinctive orange and royal blue colours of the RNLI lifeboats can be seen at many coastal towns and it is quite a thrill to visit one of their stations and see these boats up close and personal. It is also an excellent way to learn more about and support this important charity.

Aldeburgh’s Inshore Service has two Atlantic 75 and 85 (B class) rigid inflatable lifeboats. They have a manually operated self-righting mechanism and are capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear. They operate during daylight hours.

The other lifeboat is a D-Class Mersey all-weather lifeboat. It is designed to be launched from a carriage but can also lie afloat or be launched from a slipway. It is automatically self righting and carries a crew of six. It has a range of 140 nautical miles.

The RNLI provide a 24 hour service which means they can be called out at any time of the day or night whatever the weather conditions. Invariably they are faced with treacherous seas, high winds and poor visibility but they never refuse to go out. The stations are filled with awards and memorials to these brave volunteers, some of whom have died in their efforts to save others.

Visiting the Lifeboat Station
Exploring a station offers the best visitor experience. With free access, you can go inside and look around the station, see the lifeboat and possibly pre-book a tour. The station is normally open all year and has an RNLI gift shop.
Sea-faring communities know they owe their lives to the lifeboat volunteers and support them in all their fundraising activities. As a visitor you should do the same so please take any opportunity you can to support the RNLI.
The Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station can be found at the back of the main beach. The complex includes two modern boat sheds, a RNLI shop and has an excellent website where you can find out when there is going to be a practise launch. "The Freddie Cooper" lifeboat is beach launched with the aid of a caterpillar tractor.
What a difference from the days when the lifeboat was manhandled across the shingle before being rowed or sailed to a rescue. One disastrous attempted rescue resulted in the capsizing of the lifeboat and a loss of seven crew. Their bodies were retrieved and buried in SS Peter and Paul graveyard. A Celtic cross marks the grave and commemorates the disaster.
Over the years the crews have been awarded 10 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals for bravery. Find out more about the heroic Aldeburgh life-boatmen by visiting the Lifeboat Station, their website and The Moot Hall Aldeburgh museum.
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