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Archaeological Society Guided Tours 
During the summer the Society conducts monthly historical Guided Tours of Winchelsea.
Volunteers provide an informative and entertaining picture of the medieval town. The tours are well researched and based on work done by the Society’s archaeologists. Pre-booking is recommended.
Under Winchelsea
This is a tour of the town’s medieval wine cellars. Of some 56 known cellars, 33 are currently accessible. All date from the late 13th century and most were built to service the wine trade with Gascony. The cellars are only open to the public during these tours. Guides explain why and how the cellar was built, including the dramatic historical background of medieval Winchelsea.
Under Winchelsea involves going up and down cellar steps, which can be steep and are often worn. Participants are advised to wear "sensible" shoes and to leave their hands free.
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Westside Story – the lost suburbs
Explores the remains of the long-lest western defences and suburbs of medieval Winchelsea. The walk leads down to the southernmost point at the New Gate. It returns through open countryside, tracing long forgotten streets along the western slopes of Ilham Hill, to the site of Petty Ilham village. There are fine views across St Leonard’s Marsh.
Westside Story is partly across open countryside and involves climbing over stiles. Depending on the weather, a sun hat and water bottle are recommended or wet weather gear.
Hidden Winchelsea – the lost buildings
The guides will take you to the actual spot where the medieval buildings stood, trace out their floor plan on the ground, tell you about the architecture, the people who lived and worked in them and what was happening in Winchelsea when they were built. The tour usually includes the nave of St Thomas Church, Blackfriars Barn, and the Blackfriars and Greyfriars monasteries.
Details of above Tours
The price of the tour includes a special guide book specific to the tour.
All tours meet by the Town Well in Castle Street (TN36 4ED)
All tours leave at 14:00 hours except for Hidden Winchelsea which runs a tour both in the morning and the afternoon
Tours are only suitable for reasonably fit, able-bodied visitors. They last between 90 minutes and 2 hours
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Contact & Further Information
For up to date details of tour dates, costs, how to book and other necessary information go to:
Telephone   +44 (0)1797 225 333 ( Winchelsea Community Answerphone)
Mail   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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