Tailor of Gloucester
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Beatrix Potter Museum
The Tale of the Tailor of Gloucester
9 College Court
Gloucester GL1 2NJ
When the visitor walks down Westgate Street from 'The Cross' in Gloucester towards Gloucester Cathedral, they will come upon a small laneway on the right leading towards the Cathedral.
The laneway ends in a low arched entry into the Cathedral Close. In medieval times this part of the Close was the lay people’s cemetery and this entrance was called St Michael’s Gate or Cemetery Gate.
In the 14th century thousands of pilgrims would pass along this narrow passage on their way to visit the tomb of King Edward II in the cathedral. It is still a great way to see the cathedral for the first time.
The House of the Tailor of Gloucester
Now most visitors come along this quaint laneway to find the House of the Tailor of Gloucester. The shop and museum are easy to find, especially to those who love the Beatrix Potter books, the shop front is almost exactly as depicted in the Tailor of Gloucester book.
The Tale of the Tailor of Gloucester
In the 1890’s Beatrix Potter visited Gloucester and heard the story of a tailor who was commissioned to make a waistcoat for the Mayor. It appears that he had not finished the waistcoat by the night before it was required and he fell asleep. In the morning he found that the waistcoat had been completed. Beatrix Potter based her much loved Tailor of Gloucester book on this tale.
She immortalized the pilgrims arch and the little shop to the left of it in the illustrations for the book. In her charming story the tailor lived and worked in the shop, accompanied only by his pet cat Simpkin and the mice.
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Visiting the Shop
The Museum shop front is easily recognizable from Beatrix Potter's drawings. The shop sells all the Potter books including "The Tailor of Gloucester" as well as Beatrix Potter souvenirs.
'Visitors may enjoy the tailor's kitchen where Simpkin keeps watch over his captured mice. Upstairs they can read a brief history of the original tailor, John Prichard, and view a small collection of Potter memorabilia. After watching the automaton where the mice work on the waistcoat, there is the shop where there is hopefully something for everyone. This magical experience is free and everyone can enjoy it.'  (This piece of information is by courtesy of The Beatrice Potter Museum & Shop Website).
Disabled Access
There is level entry through a narrow doorway to the ground floor shop. It should be remembered the building is very old and the museum is upstairs. Contact the shop for further details of accessibility.
Opening Times
Open Monday to Sunday – refer to the shop website (below) for details.
Contact & Further Information
Telephone  +44 (0)1452 422 856
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