The Herb Garden Gloucester
NOTE:  As at end August 2013 the Herb Garden is inaccessible to the public due to structural reasons. The Cathedral Executive hope to restore access as soon as possible. For further information, please go to the Herb Garden link below.
On the north side of Gloucester Cathedral near the Infirmary Arches is a re-created monastic herb garden.
The enclosed garden is in front of Little Cloister House. It is divided into four beds with explanatory display boards detailing how the different herbs were used.
Herbs were an important part of medieval monastic life. They were used not only as medicine but also as a disinfectant, for cosmetics and in cooking.
A detailed list of herbs in the Garden is at the Herb Garden website link below
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Getting There
From Gloucester Cathedral precincts, face the South Porch and turn right. Follow the path around the eastern end of the Lady Chapel which brings the visitor to the Northern transept, outer wall of the Cloisters, Chapter House and the ruined arches of the Infirmary.
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