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River Severn
The Severn Bore is the local name given to the tidal wave that surges up the River Severn at the time of the spring and autumn high tides.
The wave can reach speeds of up to 13mph (20kph) and be 6ft (2m) in height. After the bore has passed, the direction of the current in the river is reversed for a time.
It is a popular tourist attraction, watched by hundreds of people and ridden by enthusiastic board riders eager to get the record for surfing the wave the furthest distance up the river.
The Severn Bore is one of only three surfable tidal waves. The others are on the River Yangtze in China and the Bay of Fundy in Canada.
The Bore is best seen where the river narrows and there are no creeks entering the river. The Severn Bore Inn at Minsterworth on the A48 Gloucester to Cheptstow main road, is a popular spot. Minsterworth Village is right on the banks of the river.
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Car Parking
Parking is in the designated car park, not in Church Lane. See map and details in the Severn Bore website at the end of this article.
The River Severn has the 2nd largest tidal variation in the world. At Beachley, several miles south of Gloucester, spring and autumn tides can be as high as 50 foot (15m). Of course the Severn Estuary is quite wide at Beachley so the tidal wave is spread out. It starts to build at Awre and charges up the river.
A tide courses up the River Severn twice a day and sometimes it is only marked by a gentle ripple hardly altering the height of the river at all.
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