The New Inn Gloucester
16 Northgate Street
Gloucester GL1 1SF
A landmark in the centre of Gloucester is the magnificent half-timbered, galleried coaching inn, The New Inn.
Still operating as a hotel, the New Inn was built around 1450. It is a Grade I listed building and said to be "… the most complete surviving example of a medieval courtyard inn with galleries…" in the country.
The inn is so obviously not ‘new’ so how did it get its name?
In the mid 14th century Gloucester was receiving increasing numbers of travellers from London and Eastern England who entered the city through the North Gate. An inn was built around 1430 to service their needs. In 1450 Abbot Thomas Seabrook built a 'New Inn' on the site of the old one to cope with the increasing numbers of pilgrims coming to St Peter’s Abbey (Gloucester Cathedral) and that is how it got its apparently incongruous name.
The New Inn hostelry was said to be able to accommodate 200 people at any one time! It was paid for by John Twinning, one of the Benedictine monks. The inn remained the property of the Abbey until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539 when it became a private inn.
Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen
This historic inn has seen some momentous events in Britain’s history. It was custom to announce important events from the medieval cross in the centre of town, but in bad weather such announcements were made from the galleries in the shelter of the New Inn.
Visitors will see a plaque in the inn courtyard recalling that it was here on 10th July 1553 that the unfortunate Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen.
Shakespeare & Lord Chamberlain's Men
In the 16th century the inn hosted travelling troupes of actors who played in the courtyard with the audience watching from the galleries. It is conceivable that Shakespeare played at the inn while touring with the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.
The New Inn is a great place to stay or just have a coffee, a drink or a meal.
The Inn offers Hotel/Bed & Breakfast accommodation. It has 33 en-suite bedrooms, a Carvery restaurant and grill, four bars including one serving Real Ales, and a Coffee Shop fronting Northgate Street.
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