Cadbury Castle Wells
South Cadbury,
Somerset BA22 7EX 


Cadbury Castle is reputed to be the site of King Arthur’s legendary Camelot. The ‘Castle’ is the remains of a Prehistoric iron-age hill fort just off the A303 between Sparkford and South Cadbury. The summit is about 500 feet (152 metres) above sea level and from the top there is an excellent view of the Somerset Levels including Glastonbury Tor and St Michael's Chapel.

This hill fort is not how we understand Camelot would have looked. The modern image of Camelot is a brilliant white stone castle with flags and pennants flying, knights on white steeds and fair damsels. Cadbury Castle is a far cry from that.
Hill forts were used over 2000 years ago to protect small communities against outside raiders. They were of a ditch and bank construction, probably fortified with sharpened wooden stakes.
At Cadbury Castle the ditch and bank defense has mostly crumbled and is overgrown. However there are places where the ditch and bank system has not been destroyed and you can see what a great fortification it was.
The summit of the hill gives stunning views over the surrounding countryside with its green fields, woods, coppices and small villages.
Plan Your Visit
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There is permanent access to the hill fort. The site has no visitor facilities and will only suit those prepared to climb a steep and sometimes muddy path. The view is worth every tough step.
Disabled Access
Getting There
- By Car
From the A303, just before Sparkford, detour south ½ mile (805 metres) to South Cadbury. Take Chapel Road past ‘The Camelot’ pub and the church (dedicated to St Thomas-a-Becket) to the lane leading to the ‘Castle’.
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