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Malvern Fringe Festival

The Malvern Fringe Festival is an arts festival providing live music, cabaret, poetry and comedy. The main events are organised around the annual Malvern May Day parade, and a three-day festival held in June as a fringe to the Elgar Festival. However, these are accompanied by musical and other live events throughout the year.

The Fringe was founded in 1977 by a local teacher and three other like-minded people as a reaction to the Malvern Festival which was perceived to be biased towards ‘classical music’ and appealing towards a national and international audience rather than a local one. There was also concern that the event might die through lack of funds.

The founding aims of the Fringe were to produce a popular, varied programme of events for the locals; to bridge the gap between the "us" and "them" in the arts and to "shake it up a bit in Malvern".

The Fringe has certainly achieved its founders’ aims with events ranging from a bicycle race up steep Church Street to children’s theatre and cabaret. Many world famous comedians have got their start at the Malvern Fringe.

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