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Folkestone White Horse Dover
Cheriton Hill
The Folkestone White Horse is a modern hill figure cut into Cheriton Hill above the English Terminal of the Channel Tunnel in Kent, South East England.
The galloping horse with his flying mane and tail is the creation of local artist, Charlie Newington. Planned as a Millennium project, Charlie was inspired by a nearby Iron Age fort known as Horse Hill.
Having decided his hill figure should be a horse, he based his design on a real prehistoric chalk carving, the White Horse of Uffington in Oxfordshire.
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Above the Tunnel Portal
The outline figure on the escarpment above the tunnel portal is approximately 100 yards (92 metres) long. Directed from afar by the artist via radio, a team of vvolunteers staked out a template of the design on the hill. They then hand cut shallow trenches into the topsoil, 12-24 inches (30-60 cm) wide.
These trenches were filled with chalk/limestone slabs transported down the hill on sleds. The slabs were cut to shape with a diamond cutter and pinned down with large pins. The slabs are joined together with pins pushed into holes drilled in the side of each slab.
The volunteer team was made up of Folkestone locals and a large number of Gurkas, stationed in Folkestone. They worked incredibly hard and the slab laying was completed (apart from the eye) in about two weeks.
Expected to last for 1,000 years
This splendid landmark is expected to last for at least 1,000 years and will require minimal maintenance, just a little weeding to keep the turf from growing back over the slabs. A time capsule containing the names and ages of the children of Folkestone and some objects has been buried within the horse.
The Millenium Landmark took five years to complete and was finished in June 2003. It is a memorable English welcome or farewell to visitors using the Channel Tunnel.
The best view of Folkestone’s White Horse can be obtained from Weymouth Rd (which is off Cheriton High St), the M20 (Junction 12 ) roundabout and the Tesco carpark off the M20 (Junction 12).
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