Moreton Village
Dorset DT2 8RH

Like many Dorset villages, Moreton is an attractive little hamlet, off the beaten track, on a manorial estate. Unlike other villages, this one has important connections with a world famous figure, a historical event and a stunning little church.

TE Lawrence & Laurence Whistler
The famous soldier, author and archaeologist, T E Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’) is buried in the cemetery and the Church of St Nicholas & Magnus has the most beautiful modern engraved windows by 20th century artist Laurence Whistler.
There is even a connection with the Tolpuddle Martyrs.
The village extends along the banks of the pretty River Frome and has a very wide ford. At 70 yards (64 metres) across it must be one of the longest fords in Britain. Pedestrians don’t have to worry about getting their feet wet though because there is a footbridge across the river.
Pretty Village with Thatched Cottages
Thatched cottages line the narrow lane which makes up the main street. The village has been part of the estate since 1300 and the church is actually in the grounds of Moreton House on a grassy knoll. The cemetery is separate from the church and can be found close to the entrance to the Moreton Gardens. Close by is the Old Schoolhouse now the Moreton Tea Rooms.
The Moreton manorial estate has always belonged to the Frampton family and it was James Frampton who arrested the Tolpuddle Martyrs in his capacity as County Sheriff.
The lovely Georgian home of the Framptons was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence during the Second World War and turned into a US Army Field Hospital. It was also used to station troops prior to the D-Day landings.
All that remains of the large American presence is two Nissen huts (one in a farm yard, another in a field) a quarter of a mile (.4 km) to the west of the village street. A lot of the estate’s gardens were dug up to grow vegetables for the war effort and they are now being restored as part of Moreton Gardens.
Moreton has a lot to offer the visitor yet remains a peaceful rural village.
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Getting There
- By Car:  
Moreton is 8 miles (12.8 km) to the east of Dorchester. It is just off the B3390 which runs between the A35 from Tolpuddle - approx. 3 miles (4.8 km) towards Weymouth and the A352.
- By Rail:  
Local London (Waterloo) to Weymouth South West trains stop at Moreton Station.
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