Lady Godiva Statue Coventry
Warwickshire  CV1 1NF
Only a couple of hundred yards from Coventry Cathedral in Broadgate is the statue to Lady Godiva. The legend of Lady Godiva is well known throughout the world.
She was the wife of Leofric, Anglo-Saxon Earl of Mercia. The story is that Leofric had imposed a variety of taxes on the townspeople of the small settlement of Coventry. Because of these taxes, the townspeople were in dire financial circumstances and the town was therefore failing.
Lady Godiva (Countess of Mercia) was a very religious person and entreated her husband to reduce the tax burden on the townspeople. It is said that after some months of persuasion by Lady Godiva, Leofric struck a deal with her whereby he would reduce the taxes if she would ride naked on her horse through Coventry market at midday.
To his surprise, his wife agreed. She went ahead with her ride, flanked by two women servants.
Peeping Tom
Legend also has it that Godiva ordered all the townspeople to remain indoors with the windows shuttered while she rode by. Everybody obeyed except a tailor named Tom. He bored a hole through his shutters and watched the beautiful lady and God struck him blind for this disobedience. This is the origin of the phrase ‘Peeping Tom’.
The tale continues that Leofric was so impressed by his Lady’s bravery that he abolished all taxes except for horse tolls.
Visitors can see her statue in Coventry’s central square, Broadgate, outside the Cathedral Lanes restaurant quarter.
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Godiva Clock
The clock-tower in the square has a modern animatronic clock which, on the hour, shows an unclothed Godiva riding on her horse, and Tom peeping out of his shutters above.
There is a commemorative Godiva Festival and Carnival Procession in July each year.
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