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Much of the lovely Cotswold countryside surrounding Cirencester is owned by the Earl of Bathurst and the Trustees of the Bathurst Estate.
The Estate has been in the Bathurst family from 1695 when it was purchased by Sir Benjamin Bathurst. The first Earldom was bestowed on Sir Benjamin's eldest son by Queen Anne in 1711 and it was he who devoted his time to the building and planting of Cirencester Park, with assistance from Alexander Pope.
Cirencester Park
The entrance gates to the park are at Cecily Hill from where the public can explore the many footpaths and bridleways crossing agricultural land and through bluebell covered beech woodland. Occasionally the walker will come across a strategically placed folly or come into one of the many villages on the Estate.
Cirencester Park is open to the public free of charge, on foot and on horseback by kind permission of the Earl Bathurst.
It is open every day between 08:00 and 17:00 hours.
Please respect the Countryside Code and take your litter home. Please obey the Park Rules on Web:  Estate Information
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Leisure Area
Events organised by the Earl Bathurst's Estate Office take place throughout the year on the Leisure Area. Access to certain areas or on particular occasions will be restricted or subject to charge reflecting park events.
For any queries or for further information on the park opening and leisure area events, please telephone the Estate Office on Tel: +44 (0) 1672 515 252
Many of the local sports clubs are based within the Estate including the Cirencester Park Polo Club. This extremely popular and exciting game is played on 7 grounds within the Estate. The 7th Earl Bathurst founded the club in 1894 which makes it the oldest in the country.
Use this link for more information Web: Cirencester Polo Club
Hunt Meets on the Estate
Although there is a strong anti-foxhunting movement in Britain and legislation now controls how hunting is conducted, this traditional country sport continues to flourish. The Estate permits three local hunts to meet and use its land for hunting. Hunting takes place over late Autumn, Winter and early Spring.
It is quite an experience to attend a meet and watch the riders in traditional dress mounted on their beautifully groomed horses, the excited pack of hounds and the Master and his helpers in their pink (red) coats.
After a round of courage inducing drinks the horn sounds, and off trots the pack, the pink coats with the rest of the horsemen and women behind. Several hours later you will see tired and muddy horses and riders returning from an exhilarating time of jumping hedges and ditches and galloping all over the countryside - a jolly good time has been had by all.
The Cotswold Show
The major social event held on the Estate is the Cotswold Show. This splendid country show is usually held in July. The link for more details is Web: Cotswold Show weblink
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