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Cabot Tower Bristol
Bandon Hill Park
Great George Street
Somerset BS1 5RR
The one hundred feet (30.5 metres) high Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill was built in 1897 and opened on 6 September 1898. Cabot Tower was built during the reign of Queen Victoria and is a landmark in Bristol - able to be seen from many parts of the city.
The tower commemorates the famous voyage of Italian navigator John Cabot five hundred years ago when he left Bristol in the Matthew of Bristol on a voyage of discovery. Cabot had intended to sail directly westward to Japan, not knowing that the Americas barred his path.
He discovered what is now known as Newfoundland in Canada. Many now say that Cabot therefore was the original discoverer of North America, and not Christopher Columbus.
Canadians recognise this fact and a tower with the same name is located on Signal Hill overlooking the Canadian city of St John’s. Signal Hill is the second largest Canadian National Historic Park.
Open Daily
The Bristol tower is open to the public daily and there is no entry fee. There are bowed balconies on the middle stage with a viewing balcony at the top.
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Cabot Tower is located on the summit of Brandon Hill, only a short walk from the city centre. Brandon Hill is a very pleasant but steep park with stunning views over the city. It is Bristol’s oldest park, being granted to the city by the Earl of Gloucester in 1174. It has been a public park since 1625.
Disabled Access
There is no lift, only a spiral staircase, so the Tower is not suitable for visitors confined to wheelchairs.
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