Bath Postal MuseumBath
27 Northgate Street
Somerset BA1 1AJ
Prior to the purchasing of stamps, mail was delivered by contractors. This was a hit and miss affair until Ralph Allen became Postmaster at Bath.
Allen developed the modern postal system by contracting individuals to carry mail on horseback for a set price. He became very wealthy by letting these contracts and became a well known developer of Georgian Bath and owner of the stone quarries which provided the golden Bath stone.
The first known posting of a Penny Black, the world’s first stamp took place from this historic building on 2nd May 1840. It is said that the Postmaster at the time attached a Penny Black stamp to his daughter’s letter, posting it some four days before the stamp’s official release!
The Museum traces the history of the carriage of mail from the Roman era to present times, with displays of valuable and rare artifacts such as letters, cards, covers and stamps.
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A visit to the exhibition normally takes about two hours.
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