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At the top of Gay Street is The Circus. Architect John Wood, and his son John Wood the Younger, are responsible for Bath’s Georgian Crescents and Circuses. John Wood’s grand vision of a ‘city of palaces’ comes together in The Circus.
Started in 1754, the circle of inwards facing classical facades is divided into three equal segments by access streets so that no matter from which direction you approach The Circus you are confronted with a delightful vista. Each segment consists of 33 identical attached houses. Each house front features three types of columns - Ionic, Doric and Corinthian.
The Circus originally encircled a paved area which covered the water supply for the houses. In 1800 this paved area was turned into a garden and is now home to a group of beautiful old plane trees.
It is hard to believe that these beautiful houses were actually built as a speculative development project with the exterior ‘shells’ being sold to builders to complete inside as their clients wished.
John Wood the Elder died before his project was completed in 1768 but his son, John Wood the Younger was so pleased with the result that he went on to create the Royal Crescent which can be reached by leaving The Circus along Brook Street.
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Getting There
You can either walk up the hill up Gay Street to The Circus or take the ‘Open-Top Bus Tour’ and alight at ‘The Circus’ stop.
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