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In 1974 the Allen family chapel in the south aisle of St Nicholas Church was designated The Australia Chapel.
Captain Arthur Phillip
The first Governor of the Australian colony of New South Wales was Captain Arthur Phillip. He commanded a fleet of 11 ships (The First Fleet: 1787-1788) and guided the colony's first settlers in their endeavours to become self sufficient.
In 1792 Phillip received permission to return to England, leaving behind a well established colony. He was in poor health and moved to Bath to 'take the waters' and seek a cure. After further naval service, he retired to 19 Bennett Street, Bath.
He died in 1814 and is buried in St Nicholas Church Bathampton and there is a memorial to him in the Church's Australian Chapel. Vice-Admiral Arthur Phillip's monument on the south wall is embellished with the tools of his profession - an anchor, coiled rope, canon and ammunition and boat shaped urn.
Memorial Screen made from Australian Blackbean Timber
The Memorial Screen beside Governor Phillip's grave together with all the joinery in the Chapel, pulpit and the choir stalls is made of Australian blackbean wood.  The floor is of Wombeyan marble from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia.
There are many other Australian connections in the Chapel ranging from the stained glass windows featuring the Coats of Arms of the Australian Federal Government (with its kangaroo and emu) and the six States to the handmade kneelers.
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Celebration around 11th October yearly
Close to Governor Phillip's birthday (11th October) a special service is held attended by representatives from Australia and the Australian flag flies from the tower.
Getting There
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