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Ghostie! Ghostie! Who are You?
The Bath Theatre Royal has a rich and long history and it is said that it is the most haunted theatre in Britain. The story is that the Theatre is situated in a rather unique position, with the surrounding area infested with poltergeists and ghosts. 
Both the adjacent buildings are said to be haunted by mysterious figures and happenings. In one of the buildings, the Garrick’s Head pub (where the flamboyant dandy, Richard 'Beau' Nash, lived) a blood stain appears on the floor in the same place each year.
The other adjacent building, Popjoy’s Restaurant, is another of Beau Nash’s residences. He died here but it is the ghost of his mistress, Juliana Popjoy who has been seen. Also a more modern woman who dines alone and seems real until she vanishes!
The theatre itself has a number of ghosts some of which have been seen by the audience as well as the actors. The most reliable is the ‘Tortoiseshell Butterfly’. This butterfly appears, fluttering about, at pantomime time in the winter and its appearance is a sign of good luck for a successful run. Should the butterfly appear lying dead on the stage, this heralds a death.
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Garrick's Head Pub
For those with a strong heart, a Ghost Walks of Bath tour leaves the Garrick’s Head pub each Monday to Saturday evening.
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