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The magnificent north Cornish coastline can be best seen from the South West Coastal Path.  Beside the path, near Higher Sharpnose Point and about 1 mile (1.6 km) from Morwenstow Church, is a tiny little wooden hut built into the face of the cliff and looking straight out over the Atlantic Ocean. 
This strange little shelter was built by the eccentric vicar of Morwenstow, Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker. He used driftwood and wood salvaged from the many ships wrecked on this coast.  It is partially built into the hillside and has a turf roof.  Inside are two benches, one to sit on and one to write on. 
Hawker would spend many hours sitting here writing poetry.  The stunning views no doubt inspired him, but it was also said that he smoked opium in his little hideaway.  He certainly brought his writer friends Alfred Lord Tennyson and Charles Kingsley to this weather-beaten hut. 
The Hut is accessible on foot from the coastal footpath via a short set of steps and is now maintained by the National Trust.
For further details, go to the National Trust website at Web:  National Trust/ Morwenstow Walk: Reverend Hawker Country   External Link
The following excellent hiker’s website gives a graphic insight into the conditions that mariners and the Reverend Hawker experienced during those wild times in the 19th century Web:  West Martin Hesp's West Country Walks - Morwenstow   External Link
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Getting There
From the Church & Rectory Farm:  proceed to the cliffs and continue along the cliff tops until you reach a walled entrance marked ‘Hawkers Hut’. The hut is just below you down some slate steps.  Tip - great care is needed!
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