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The dramatic coastline of north Cornwall and north Devon is famous for its spectacular sheer cliffs and jagged reefs. It is not called the ‘Shipwreck Coast’ for nothing.
The cliffs and foreshore at Hartland Quay present spectacular evidence of geological events which took place over 300 million years ago. The rocks are sandstones and mudstones that were laid down around 320 million years ago in what was then a brackish sea. Of particular interest are the striking patterns that can be seen in the faces of the cliffs – dramatic evidence of ancient geological upheaval.
About 300 million years ago, during a period of tectonic plate collision, tremendous pressure was exerted on the rocks of South West England. So powerful were these forces that the rocks were actually compressed like a concertina, producing a range of spectacular folds and faults that are visible today”.
My thanks go to the devon.gov.uk website for this excellent description of the events shaping this area.
Walks can be taken along the cliff tops or along the shore at low tide but this can be treacherous. The full force of the Atlantic Ocean crashes against the base of the cliffs when the tide comes in and there is no escape. Listen to the locals’ advice if contemplating a walk along the shore.
Comprehensive information on walking can be obtained from Web: Northern Devon Government/ Hartland Point     External Link
Hartland Quay 
Hartland Quay is an isolated spot with just a few buildings. The Hartland Quay Hotel and Hartland Quay Shipwreck Museum are well worth visiting and the Hotel has accommodation. Look on this website’s North Devon Accommodation page for some very useful hints and links for finding all sorts of accommodation.
Hartland Point Lighthouse 
The Hartland Point Lighthouse is not normally available for public inspection but occasionally they do have Open Days. It is quite an experience to examine the optics and lenses of the giant light. On clear days Lundy Island can be seen on the horizon.
Accommodation - Search & Book through Lastminute.com here:    External Link
Getting There
- From London by Car
From the M25 London Ring Road, exit at Junction 4B onto M4 to Bristol and South Wales. At Junction 20, take M5 south past Weston-Super-Mare, Bridgewater and Taunton to Junction 27. Exit at junction 27 westward on the A361 to Barnstaple.
At Barnstaple take the A39 south through Northam to Clovelly Village then take the B3248 to Stoke and Hartland Quay.
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